Best Safety Practices for Members

The 10 Best Safety Practices for Members were developed by NIRMA to reflect its continued emphasis on risk management and loss control.  These are intended and offered as recommendations to our members and, if followed, will significantly reduce if not eliminate a member’s chance of incurring a significant workers’ compensation or other loss.

1.  Adopt an effective safety manual.
2.  Establish a safety committee and conduct regular meetings.
3.  Investigate all incidents and events.
4.  Provide training to all employees, including supervisors, on a regular basis.
5.  Develop job descriptions for all positions.
6.  Provide pre-placement and post placement physical exams.
7.  Conduct regular motor vehicle record checks on all employees.
8.  Inspect all workplace sites on a regular basis.
9.  Use appropriate safety equipment at all times.
10.  Follow nationally-recognized Safety Standards as a guide.

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