Best Cyber Security Practices


The 10 Best Cyber Security Practices for Members were developed by NIRMA to reflect its continued emphasis on risk management and loss control.  These are intended and offered as recommendations to our members and, if followed, will significantly reduce if not eliminate a member’s chance of incurring a cyber liability loss.


1.  Set strong passwords; Do not share them with anyone.
2.  Promote eRisk Hub usage and educate employees.
3.  Develop a Server/Desktop/Laptop/Portable Device media security policy.
4.  Install and maintain critical software updates.
5.  Maintain only critical PII.
6.  Maintain current up to date firewall and anti-virus protection.
7.  Use trusted vendors for data collection.
8.  Use caution when opening websites and emails.
9.  Adopt equipment disposal policy.
10. Adopt employee data access policy.

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