We are now 101 strong!

     The core membership of NIRMA consists of 82 of Nebraska’s 93 counties.  Nearly 10 years ago we began to broaden the membership when the first of six regional Area Agencies on Aging joined the pool.

     The membership was further diversified when the Region 26 Council, a multi-county emergency management and communications agency, became a member in January 2015.  Since that time, membership has also been extended to a county public service agency and seven county agricultural societies, giving us 15 county-related members.

     We are frequently approached by other public entities interested in joining our pools.  The NIRMA Board of Directors gives careful consideration to expansion beyond our core county government membership as we do not want to jeopardize the stability and success of NIRMA or detract from its focus on counties.

     Continued interest in membership in our risk management pools is encouraging and is a testament to our mission to provide innovative and cost-effective insurance coverages, sound risk management strategies, and comprehensive loss prevention and safety services to Nebraska counties and other select public agencies in Nebraska.