Time to prepare for severe weather season

     Mother nature has passed the seasonal baton from winter to spring, and that means the potential for possible outbreaks of severe weather.  While no one can predict exactly what is to come, history can serve to some degree as an indicator.
     According to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center, preliminary data for 2016 indicates Nebraska recorded 765 reports of severe weather, roughly the same number as was reported the previous year.     There were 47 confirmed tornadoes, 276 reports of large hail and 342 wind damage reports. The agency’s data indicates nearly every county in the state had some type of severe weather incident last year.
     By comparison, the Cornhusker State had 38 tornadoes, 458 reports of hail and 275 high wind reports in 2015.
     While severe weather can strike our state at any time, typically the months of April, May and June are considered as the prime months for tornadoes and severe storms.  Nebraska averages around 50 tornadoes each year, with the months of May and June accounting for more than 60 percent of them.
     Now is the time to begin planning what to do when severe weather is in your area.  An important part of your preparations should be to provide employees with refresher training on what to do and conduct an actual tornado drill.